This is the era of coalitions.
Now, more than ever, we need to collaborate to move society forward. Let’s re-imagine the world and build new momentum. We co-create beyond boundaries.

collaborate or die
online co-creation

Online co-creation unlocked

With over 10 years of experience we know the do’s and don’ts for successful co-creation. We have been facilitating workshops for as long as we can remember. Now that we’ve taken our meetings online we decided to transform our work too.

That’s why we have successfully introduced new online ways of working, using tools like Zoom, Miro and more. Want to know how we can help you out online? Click the link below!

The Expert Connectors

The Expert Connectors

We are happy to announce we started a new digital service: The Expert Connectors. After connecting you to knowledgeable and inspiring experts worldwide for years, we decided it was time to bring it to the next level.

The services of The Expert Connectors are brought to you by a full-time and dedicated expert connecting team, always aiming to find top-notch industry experts. If you are looking for fresh insights from industry front-runners, there’s no one better suited for the job.

Head over to The Expert Connectors to learn more ➔


We are design thinkers - experts in co-creation

A specialised toolkit.
Our team and tools have been fine-tuned in over fifteen years of experience across categories and industries. Our projects typically involve diagnostic-, strategy & concept development- and validation steps, all starting with a clear challenge and using our own tried-and-tested methodologies.

Experts in co-creation.
One of the most critical factors for successful co-creation is selecting the right collaborators. We know the do’s and don’ts for success and set up co-creation workshops with the rare breed of 1%-er experts that can help us crack the challenge.

About Fronteer

We are Fronteer, a creative strategy firm based in Amsterdam.

Together with our clients and experts we design the future. Clients turn to us for a fresh approach, solid co-creation methodologies and proven results. Fronteer has an energetic team of Strategists, Experts Connectors and Office staff. With diverse backgrounds – from Strategic Product Designers to Anthropologists and Art Historians, thus making our work and the outcomes as surprising and remarkable as the people are.

Meet us at NDSM, a former shipyard in the north-west of Amsterdam. A creative hotbed since the 1990s when artists and squatters first settled in the area. If you take the ferry from Central Station today you will meet a young crowd travelling to one of the many creative companies on the wharf. We are proud to have touched down in an area where ideas blossom and concepts grow.

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